Entrepreneur’s World (SmallB.in)

SmallB.in – A knowledge Hub for MSMEs

  • smallB.in, a knowledge hub for MSMEs, is an initiative by SIDBI intended to be a repository of valuable information for promoting youth entrepreneurship and easing the process of establishing a business in the country. It is designed to help entrepreneurs to understand how to go about identifying business opportunities, stimulate generation of ideas and learning from some of the most successful startups in the country.
  • The website has a number of sections that provide information on a slew of topics that include - Thinking and Planning of New Entrepreneurship, Funding, Policies and Schemes, Environment, Existing entrepreneurs, Exports and Resources, etc.
  • The intent of this initiative is to encourage entrepreneurship culture in India. smallB.in is a virtual mentor and handholding forum for the potential / budding entrepreneurs to set up new units. The site can also be used by existing entrepreneurs to step up their business. The website is quite exhaustive, covers various aspects such as scouting for business opportunities, understanding various forms of business organizations, legal basics, business plan preparation, understanding various requirements for obtaining credit from banks / Financial Institutions, policies and Regulations, schemes and incentives offered by the Central and State governments etc.
  • The website is in the process of major revamping to enable seamless integration with mitra portals i.e. standupmitra and udyamimitra for providing a one stop solution.