Evolution of SIDBI

SIDBI has been set up on April 02nd, 1990 under an Act of Indian Parliament. Being the Principal FI for MSMEs, SIDBI has dedicated its resources towards evolution of a vibrant MSME ecosystem. SIDBI’s initiatives have remained aligned to the national goals of poverty alleviation, employment generation, kindling entrepreneurship and fostering competitiveness in MSME sector.

Some of SIDBI’s key initiatives over more than the past 25 years of tirelessly promoting the growth of MSMEs, include:

  • Providing a cumulative assistance of around INR 5.40 lakh crore channelized into the MSME segment.

  • Directly impacting over 360 lakh persons/enterprises through its branch network of around 80 offices spread across the country as well as through the network of banks / institutions (having more than 1.25 lakh branches) across the country.

  • Extending loans, equity and quasi-equity aggregating to INR 13,689 crore benefitting 356 lakh disadvantaged people, mostly women, through its Micro Finance operations.

  • Deepening its outreach by nurturing and evolving more than 100 MFIs who have emerged as strong and viable financial intermediaries serving the unserved.

  • Supporting more than 1.16 lakh budding and existing entrepreneurs by infusing skills and reskilling initiatives.

  • Facilitating Institutions Building by adopting a SIDBI Plus approach and creating its Subsidiary and Associate Institutions for providing impetus to the growth of MSME ecosystem.

  • Developing a passionate pool of 1000+ professionals with 22% women and 40% belonging to SC/ST and OBCs category, for serving to the needs of the dynamic and consistently evolving MSME Sector.

Initiatives and Milestone: