SIDBI Venture Capital Limited (SVCL)

SIDBI Venture Capital Limited (SVCL), a wholly owned subsidiary of SIDBI, was set up in July,1999 as an Investment Management Company for managing Venture Capital Funds (VCFs). Since inception, SVCL has continued to provide growth capital to deserving and profitable MSEs across diversified sectors. Currently, SVCL is a prominent Investment Manager for seven funds with a total corpus of INR 1,754 crore. The funds managed by SVCL have been instrumental in generating a valuable growth momentum among key sectors of the economy.

Impact of SVCL:

  • SVCL managed funds have assisted MSEs in various sectors like manufacturing, technology, services, etc.
  • SVCL has led the path by being the first investor in most of its investee companies or a sector, making way for other funds to follow and assist development of a successful investees and a fast-growing sector.
  • Most of SVCL funds have significant focus on manufacturing businesses which are generally starved for equity capital.
  • Samridhi fund was the first social impact fund under the new AIF guidelines. It has assisted companies in diverse sectors like financial inclusion, healthcare, drinking water, organic food, etc.
  • Several companies in which SVCL’s Funds have been invested have grown to respectable sizes.
  • Through Samridhi Fund, SVCL has invested in 5 MFIs. Two of them have transformed into Small Finance Banks (SFB). The MFIs and the SFBs have helped financial inclusion, especially of rural poor women in multiple geographical locations.
  • With a track record of over 120 investments and over 50 (full + partial) exits so far, SVCL has made remarkable contributions towards the growth of traditional sectors like manufacturing and textiles while also pioneering the wave of new technology enabled start-ups, social enterprises, women entrepreneurs and innovative products and services enterprises across healthcare, logistics, education, water etc.

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