TIFAC_SRIJAN Scheme, a collaborative programme of TIFAC & SIDBI launched on November 01, 2010, aims at facilitating development, demonstration and commercialization of technology innovation projects pertaining to new product or process development to encourage and promote development of capabilities in MSMEs to innovate and to bring high-risk innovations to the market for opening up opportunities for business linked with innovations. The programme supports MSMEs towards development, up-scaling, demonstration and commercialization of innovative technology based projects by providing developmental loans at flexible terms & interest rate to encourage / promote development / innovation of new technology / process / product and its commercialization.

Currently, the scheme supports upto 80% of project cost, upto a maximum of INR 100 lakhs, while offering selective assistance in case of costs above INR 100 lakhs.


Apply for loan assistance

Srijan Scheme application (Technical) pdf Srijan Scheme application (Technical) doc
Srijan Scheme application (Financial) upto 50 lakh pdf Srijan Scheme application (Financial) upto 50 lakh doc
Srijan Scheme application (Financial) upto 100 lakh pdf Srijan Scheme application (Financial) upto 100 lakh doc