Swavalamban Silai School

Aimed at promoting women entrepreneurship in rural areas of the country as also inducing entrepreneurship culture, Swavalamban Silai School initiative has been a training program which encompasses various aspects of stitching, designs, maintenance, repairing and handing over of sewing machine. SIDBI, in collaboration with USHA, has been supporting this initiative since September 2019. Total number of 1700 rural women have been trained under the initiative and 1700 schools set-up (homepreneurs) in 1638 villages of 108 blocks of 24 districts across 7 states (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand). About 64% of the schools set-up belong to women hailing from BPL category and 39% of schools set-up belong to women from SC/ST category. As a multiplier effect 16982 learners have enrolled by these homepreneurs till 31st March 2021. Since launch of initiative in September 2019, they have booked a cumulative income of Rs.400 lakh through stitching, trainer/learner’s fee & machine repair. During COVID-19 lockdown period they have reflected resilience (as all were functional with some recording higher income than in normal time) and emerged as COVID warriors supplying masks for rural populace. They have also started onboarding e commerce sites. Aspirational generation (including women of the village) is looking at these Inspirational homepreneurs as role models to embark on Swavalamban (entrepreneurial) journey.

Kushalta Ke Kadam - Swavalamban Kadam