Meet A Hero: Shambhu

A journey from job with a petty salary to becoming an entrepreneur.

Thirty-four-year-old Shambhu successfully runs two retail grocery shops by the name New Ratna Super Market and Royal Super Market in Andheri West, Mumbai. From each store he generates an average revenue of about Rs. 75-80 thousand daily. He has employed 22 people under him and caters to several customers who visit his stores regularly.

But 25 years ago, when he had come to Mumbai from his hometown Samasthipur in Bihar, the picture wasn’t so rosy. To sustain his livelihood in an expensive city, he had started working in stores and used to make a meager Rs. 250-300 per month. During those days he had spent many sleepless nights on footpaths. “When I had joined my job, I was troubled by the old staff there. I had worked in four stores before starting my own entrepreneurial journey in July 2015,” said Shambhu remembering his struggle days in the city.

Today he stays with his parents, wife and three kids. He wants his kids to study well and establish themselves. “Everyone doesn’t have the courage to start their own business. One should be determined and then sky is the limit,” said Shambhu when asked about the message he wants to give to budding entrepreneurs. Shambhu wishes to go a long way in retail grocery business. “I plan to expand the area of my stores so that I can sell more goods to my customers. I value all my customers,” said Shambhu who himself attends to many customers personally.