Prakash: Reaping the fruits of thinking different

Prakash, a guy who proved his entrepreneurial skills in the industrial cityof Punjab by tapping the right opportunities at the right time. In his earlyyears he stayed in Banda, Uttar Pradesh, where he couldn’t complete hiseducation due to financial constraints faced by his family.In search of a livelihood, along with many others he decided to travelfrom Banda to Ludhiana. He had the option to work in the hosiery units orjoin the bicycle manufacturing unit like his fellow mates. But he decidedto think different and start his own venture. Just like the many successfulstories we come across, Prakash’s story wasn’t different as he had to facehardship initially. Few years ago, Prakash began buying vegetables and usedto sell them in the locality.He realised that buying in large quantity was cheaper so he decided toinvest his savings to buy vegetables in bulk and sell them to families innearby areas. He used to sell vegetables with a profit margin and in thisprocess the journey transformed from a Jhola(cotton bag) to a Thella(vendorcart). Over the years he managed to graduate from a Thella to a smallvegetable shop of his own in Barewal Road area of Ludhiana.The shop has a modern look and feel where vegetables are stackedin racks. Outside the shop is a fresh juice counter. The shop records good number of footfalls on a regular basis.Prakash’s son and nephew occasionally helps him in running the shop. Now Prakash is eying for expansion of hisbusiness and has plans to set up another shop. “Before I retire, I want to fly on an aeroplane. I miss my village. So, Iwant to go back one day to where I truly belong.