UMA BHATI, 23, always wanted to feed people and to fulfill her dream she quit her full-time job as a digital marketing professional. She started a franchise business by opening a 'Burger Art' kiosk in Noida sector 76 and roped in two of her friends as partners for investing in her idea. "I took the lead and convinced my friends, Advitya Bahl and Anshu Tanwar to invest in my idea," said Uma. Her kiosk operates between 4 pm to 12 am. She manages to sell on an average 50 burgers on weekdays and goes up to 90 burgers each day during weekends. Along with her at the kiosk are two chefs who help her while she manages the counter. They also help her in delivering burgers to nearby locations. Even her partners help her deliver the burgers and at times she herself takes the responsibility. She contributes 30 per cent of the profit to 'Burger Art'. "Currently, I am just gaining experience through this franchise business and plan is to launch my own brand which will sell burgers, sandwiches and pasta from kiosks. I want to have several kiosks in New Delhi, Noida and Gurugram," said Uma. She wants her plan to materialise within a year.